Welcome to Dawson's Break

Dawson's Break, author  Hafbjörg Ellen-f Mikaelsdóttir, is a 1700 - 1800 century story about four girls, whom are quadruplets, and have lives that are tougher to imagine than anything with their love lives. Dawson's Break is pretty similar to Jane Austen's stories. Dawson's Break is originally in Icelandic but later than translated into English.

Cast (Families) Edit

Dawson Family (Edmund, Mary, Rosalie, Violet, Holly, & Daisy)

Swan Family (Charles, Renée, George, Matthew, James, & Robert)

Peavy Family (William, Rebecca, Amy, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Hayley, & Amanda)

Bonberry Family (William, Tabitha l, Georgina, Bethany, Adam, Edward, Tabitha ll)


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